Native Animal Lore
Symbol of great strength, authority and mobility. Because of its power and human-like qualities, the bear is referred to by West Coast people as Elder Kinsmen.
Symbol of great wisdom, authority and power, one of the principal crests of the Haida tribe. Many myths and legends surround the Eagle. Eagle feathers are used in rituals and worn on masks, and headdresses.
Highly respected for its family strengths. Their vocal signals allow for great success when hunting salmon, seals, etc. Many stories have been passed down about their contact with the local people.
One of the most prominent figures of the Haida tribe. The Raven is credited with giving the light, fire and water to the Natives. He has the power to change at will to animal forms or to that of a human being.
A mythological bird who is the creator and controller of many elements and spirits. When he flew, the flapping of his wings caused the thunder, and the flashing of his eyes caused the lightning. He lived in the highest of mountains.
Respected because it is a good hunter, the Wolf symbolizes cunning and was often associated with a special spirit. A man had to acquire this to become a successful hunter and provider.
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